A plot overview of the murder of roger ackroyd

The number of potential killers is almost as great as the population of the village itself. As Poirot investigates he sees that there might be a connection to the suicide of a local woman, and the death the previous year of her husband.

A plot overview of the murder of roger ackroyd

After dinner, Ackroyd reveals to Sheppard in his study that Mrs Ferrars had confided in him she was being blackmailed over her murder of her husband. He then asks Sheppard to leave, wishing to read a letter from Mrs Ferrars that arrives in the post, containing her suicide note.

Upon returning to Fernly Park, Parker denies making such a call, yet he, Sheppard, Raymond and Blunt find Ackroyd dead in his study, stabbed to death with a weapon from his collection. Poirot learns a few important facts on the case: Poirot asks Sheppard for the exact time he met his stranger.

He later finds a goose quill and a scrap of starched cambric in the summer house, and a ring with the inscription "From R" in the backyard pool. Flora admits she never saw her uncle after dinner; she was taking money from his bedroom.

Blunt reveals he is secretly in love with Flora. Poirot calls a second meeting, adding the butler, housekeeper and Paton, whom he had found. He does not reveal the name; instead he issues a warning to the killer. When no-one was around in the study, Sheppard removed the dictaphone, and returned the chair that concealed it from view to its original place.

Poirot tells Sheppard that all this information will be reported to the police in the morning. He is a friend of the victim. Dr James Sheppard — The killer of the case. Inspector Raglan — Police inspector from the nearby larger town of Cranchester. Roger Ackroyd — The victim of the case.

A wealthy businessman and widower, who is distressed by the recent death of the woman he wanted to marry, Mrs Ferrars.

Mrs Ferrars — A widow who was rumoured to have poisoned her husband Ashley Ferrars, a mean drunk man. She has no means of income and is slightly zany, often having fast-changing opinions. He is secretly in love with Flora. Present when the body was found. An attractive woman for her age.

She is a lady of nobility but poor, who assumed the position she took to support herself. She is secretly married to Ralph and fired when she tells Ackroyd of this. He is a drug addict, recently arrived from Canada.

She has a notable gift of staying informed on all activities in the village. Ship steward — An out-of-town, unknown male patient of Dr Sheppard. Later found to have made a telephone call to him from the local train station, which Poirot confirms by a telegram received from their ship.

The novel includes an unexpected plot twist at the end of the novel. In the last chapter, Sheppard describes how he was an unreliable narratorusing certain literary techniques to conceal his guilt without having written anything untrue e.

The review then gave a brief synopsis before concluding with "It is all very puzzling, but the great Hercule Poirot, a retired Belgian detective, solves the mystery.Part I In Ten Little Indians Christie creates a masterpiece of mystery and murder.

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A plot overview of the murder of roger ackroyd

From the creators of SparkNotes. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Summary from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes. In Agatha Christie's most twisted tale, a spy-turned-private-detective is lured by his former lover to catch her grandfather's murderer before Scotland Yard exposes dark family secrets.

His friend, solicitor Gilbert Entwhistle, asks Hercule Poirot to help solve a riddle and a murder. The riddle has to do with Richard Abernethie's will.

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