An analysis of greenspan and friends

It is a distinct pleasure to join you in celebrating this milestone in American higher education, the th Harvard commencement.

An analysis of greenspan and friends

Though the book is hardly a panegyric to Greenspan, Mallaby views his subject with considerable favor. Nevertheless, the book contains ample material for a more severe verdict: Greenspan abandoned the free market convictions he effectively defended early in his career as an economist.

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To uphold economic truth was not the path to the power and influence Greenspan sought; and he readily adjusted his beliefs to fit with his ambitions. Greenspan learned economic theory from Arthur Burns at Columbia University. For Greenspan, like his mentor Burns, statistics had primary importance: Financial markets played a crucial role in the genesis of the business cycle: Stock prices drive corporate investments in fixed assets.

The rise in the market had set off a rise in investment and consumer spending, which in turn had boosted profits and stoked animal spirits, triggering a further rise in the stock market.

The s Fed had been the enabler of this feedback loop — in order for investment and consumer spending to take off, companies and consumers needed access to credit.

An analysis of greenspan and friends

By tying money and credit to a fixed supply of gold, the nation could prevent toxic surges in purchasing power. If a monopoly extracted fat rents from its customers, its share prices would soar; that would give entrepreneurs an incentive to create rivals to the monopoly, and it would give financiers an incentive to ply those rivals with abundant capital.

What then became of this free-market radical? A firm commitment to freedom would never gain him entry to the inner sanctum of government, and Greenspan soon learned to temper his views.

In his radical days, Greenspan had opposed government bailouts to failing firms: Inhe defied his teacher Arthur Burns, who favored bailing out Lockheed. By the time he became Fed Chairman, the transformation was complete.

A gold standard, he had long ago recognized, would bring with it monetary stability; but to replace the Fed with a commodity standard not subject to control by the government would erode his power. Accordingly the gold standard had to go. He cast aside the gold standard with a transparent sophism: Why a gold standard cannot help create a stable financial environment, but instead presupposes it, Greenspan left unclear.

Even less clear was how the Fed was supposed to preserve stability in the absence of the gold standard. Evidently we were to rely on his supreme powers of judgment in steering the economy.

Greenspan in his long career as Fed chairman gained the power and acclaim he coveted; but the crash oftwo years after the end of his tenure in office, led to a sharp decline in his reputation. In their attitude toward compromise, Greenspan is the polar opposite to Murray Rothbard.

Rothbard could have tailored his views to win the favor of Arthur Burns, who was a family friend, but he refused to do so. He never abandoned his principles, and he took the measure of Greenspan.

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Writing about him inRothbard observed: He has long positioned himself in the very middle of the economic spectrum. He is, like most other long-time Republican economists, a conservative Keynesian, which in these days is almost indistinguishable from the liberal Keynesians in the Democratic camp.

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FRB: Speech, Greenspan -- Commencement address at Harvard -- June 10,

Please review the following exercises and answer the following questions. 1.

Alan Greenspan Speech - Essay Prince Sidi essay toyota.

Alan Greenspan Speech. Please review Alan Greenspan’s Harvard Commencement Address, and answer the following question.. Do you think Greenspan is being realistic or naive about the possibility of business ethics? Alan Greenspan says: “back to the gold-standard” Greenspan drew from his analysis “a radical position: the United States should return to the gold standard of the nineteenth century.

By tying money and credit to a fixed supply of gold, the nation could prevent toxic surges in purchasing power.” . Criticism of Facebook Jump to navigation Jump to search.

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