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While a citizen of the Philippines, I also ascribe to the Bangsamoro identity. I belong to a traditionally underrepresented group; a religious and ethnic minority in a predominantly Christian country. Our homeland, located in certain parts of Mindanao and Sulu, is ninety-nine percent Muslim in a country that is ninety percent Christian. Growing up in the midst of the armed conflict between the Bangsamoro fighters and the Philippine government, I have witnessed the economic and psychological devastation that have been wrought on my country and my people.

Bangsamoro basic law essay writer

Your family, your home, your school and the society in an on-line Magazine They are even entering "Treaties" with other countries without the knowledge or permission of the Philippine Government.

Being a Christian I can not fully understand their culture and beliefs, as well as the the Central Government MAY not- that is why the Aquino government is convinced that we must let them govern their own land and people with respect to that religious beliefs and culture. It is always practical to elect a leader that knows his constituents very well - and most of the times, among them; like in the Muslim territory, a natural born Moro.

The said Law's primary aim is to promote long-term peace and ensure development and progress in the Bangsamoro region and to secure their identity being Moros. This road to peace process took us seventeen years 17 to realize.

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Before ratification there must be consultation first on the concerned people. To quote "Intent is good to bring peace to Mindanao but if it is not done right we're not gonna have peace but war.

That is his sole opinion. I have scanned the hundred-page draft of it to be ratified in Congress that means still remains a "Bill" and not a "Law" yet unless ratified - passed in the scrutinizing and approval of the Philippine Congress consists of the senate and the house of representatives.

We literally put our trust in them when we have voted for them during the election. That is why, I am sure that we will all agree on this, that they know what they are doing- and they have us always in mind in every decisions they make or approve of.

bangsamoro basic law essay writer

Talking about the rebels and what had happened in the recent Mamasapano massacre - if we get too emotional, we can sacrifice the future of millions of youth and their families who are just ordinary people living within the Bangsamoro territory.

And to share what I have learned from some research - the armed groups, as we know, is the product of the Martial Law declared by the late Ferdinand Marcos. MNLF is the parent organization from which the two came from. To sum it up, every time the group of rebels decided to connect with the government there is always one or two members who would not cooperate and their option is to create another rebel group.

These rebels are just fraction of the entire Bangsamoro population that the government has taken into consideration upon bridging the gaps between the Philippine Government and the Bangsamoros.

We must understand that rebellion is not the heart of all Moros - father, mother and children. I have heard in an interview with the BIFF spokesperson Misry Mama that they have no intention of returning the guns they have seized from Fallen 44 and they do not agree on BBL - I remember him saying "all out war" with the government that maybe prompted the government to send military forces in their area.

The grenade and gun factory belongs to them. MILF denied that they are the ones who get the uniforms and the guns but in the event of returning the armaments - it was discovered that one of the guns belonged to the recorded barbarous killing of a SAF member who was twice shot in the head.

MILF returned the guns, they said they just found after the incident denying the overkill but they really participated alerted that they maybe the target of the SAF attack - that has not been coordinated by the government to them. Anyway whatever and whoever who must have done this must be surrendered or yielded by the MILF to pay for it.

And to think of it thoroughly, the Moros can just have their revenues on their own, if they did not really wanted PEACE and they opted for more funds. They would not allow the central government to intervene with their activities too - because we all know that they can fight and they could hold innocent hostages to get what they wanted.

That is because the Bangsamoro Gov't. The Central Government shall send people to check if the policies of the BBL and the agrement is well-followed. All those who belong to the ARMM shall automatically be included - the baranggays and municipalities or cities.

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Requesting Barangays with at least ten valid registered voters shall be included. Let us not be carried-away by others opinion about it. We can study it on our own. Let us be informed before giving conclusion. Although we can not really blame the government, as the Moros said they had been neglected - before, they never wanted to be part of the country until ARMM Organic Act came.

BBL is just a proof that the ARMM region we knew today recognizes the Philippine Government being the higher authority to influence and impart on their growth - economically and in all aspects; simultaneously keeping their culture and beliefs.

bangsamoro basic law essay writer

I need to understand BBL that well because I find responsibility of providing you with the correct information about it before I can give my "reaction".

I find it hard too get a complete and reliable source of the "BBL Draft" for my own study of it combined with my slow internet connection and the "hanging" problem of my PC I remember I put my advisory of writing this on the "Site Advisory" page of my site weeks agoBangsamoro Basic Law: Round 2 Feb 4, | Posted by Fil V.

Elefante | Cover | It’s Round 2 in the grueling attempt to pass a new law to replace the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao.

MANILA - Three sultanates of the Bangsamoro Royal Houses expressed support for the Bangsamoro Basic Law during a one-day solidarity conference held at .

6 DRAFTING OF THE BANGSAMORO BASIC LAW BY THE TC 5 PLEBISCITE FOR THE BANGSAMORO BASIC LAW PASSAGE OF THE BASIC LAW IN CONGRESS The Bangsamoro Basic Law, once enacted by Congress, shall undergo a process of popular ratification by the qualified waters in the core territory of the Bangsamoro region as identified in the FAB.

So you should definitively check out first if there are books in that country about the law as doctrine is a very important source of law and that’s a good starting point. I’m pretty sure there must be something published from an university in Philippines. Bangsamoro people. it is not something that is prejudicial to non-Muslims.

Civil Service Under the BBL. bridges. on the employers’ point of view. not being part of the Bangsamoro may not partake of the fruits of their taxes.

being Filipino citizens. The Bangsamoro Basic Law will replace and abolish the Autonomous Region Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Organic Act. BBL is an enhanced version of the existing ARMM. BBL is .

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