Being different will only result into

To understand how, we have to review some facts about how breathalyzers work.

Being different will only result into

It is in "our best interest" to heed the advice of the Constitution, Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi said on Monday and asserted that not doing so would result in "sharp descent into chaos".

The Constitution is the voice of the marginalised as well as the prudence of the majority and continues to be a guide in moments of crisis and uncertainty, the CJI said at the inaugural function of Constitution Day Celebrations here. If we do not, our hubris will result in sharp descent into chaos," he said.

Constitution Day, also known as Samvidhan Divasis celebrated on November 26 to commemorate the Constitution being adopted. It came into effect on January 26, This is not an exaggeration, one need only to look at the astounding variety of issues that the courts hear daily," Gogoi said.

Its wisdom continues to guide us in the moment of crisis and uncertainty," he said. When the Constitution was brought into force, it was "widely criticised", the CJI noted. But time has weakened the criticism and it is a matter of great pride that it has been referred to with great vigour in the last several decades, he stated.

He said the Constitution is "not a document frozen in time" and today is not an occasion to celebrate but to test constitutional promises. These are questions that I ask myself. Undoubtedly, great advances have been made but there is a lot left to be done. Today, we need just not a celebration but also to chalk out a road map for the future," Justice Gogoi said.Knowingly or unknowingly, police officers often influence the results of breathalyzer tests, resulting in inaccurately high readings.

To understand how, we have to . Ultimately, the increased productivity that results from developing a range of 'communications protocols' for different situations, circumstances and audiences is likely to be well worth the effort. The essence is in finding the right balance between spontaneity and carefully edited messages likely to be appropriate in each foreseeable situation.

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Being different will only result into

In the article, ‘Being different will only result into tears’, you make a number of great points. For instance, the way you are informing the readers how some people are weaker than others.

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You also advise them into ‘making friends’ and to ‘stick together’ if they want to avoid bullying. If we were to travel back in time to Babel, and mix up the people into completely different family groups, then people groups with completely different characteristics might result.

For instance, we might find a fair-skinned group with tight, curly dark hair that has blue, almond-shaped eyes.

The Undergirding Factor is POWER: Toward an Understanding of Prejudice and Racism