Case analysis on silence sacrifices

I often hear people arguing that some speech is unprotected under current First Amendment law because it's "hate speech," or asking "Is [X] free speech or is it hate speech? Some of what some label "hate speech" may, depending on the circumstances, fall within the generally quite narrow exceptions for fighting words, threats, incitement, or certain kinds of false statements of fact. But if one thinks a particular scenario or incident is unprotected on those grounds, one needs to mention the specific exception, and explain how the speech fits within that exception. Of course, one could argue though that's not what the people I'm referring to above are doing that the Supreme Court should create a new "hate speech" exception from First Amendment protection -- that the speech is currently protected, but ought to become unprotected.

Case analysis on silence sacrifices

FYI - see below. I had forgotten about it, but was reminded when I saw the recent court ruling. The e-mail exchange started with this message from an executive at the Edelman firm: On Tue, Mar 6, at 1: Professor, I hope you are doing well.

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Because of your background and previous commentary on doxing, I thought you might be interested in a recent development happening at Marquette. The Wisconsin State Supreme Court has agreed to hear a high profile case in which a Professor and later, George Will doxed a student and it led to terrible consequences.

Marquette is looking to connect with experts such as yourself interested in doxing to discuss the case and I think you would find it to be fascinating given your background.

Look forward to hearing from you, Ricky Of course, the claim that we doxed Cheryl Abbate is a flat out lie.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Her e-mail address was elsewhere on the blog not on the page we linked to. But it could also be found by a simple google search. Even more bizarre is the notion that George Will doxed Abbate.

All he did was mention her name. Did the editors at the Washington Post allow doxing?

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Back to the E-mail Exchange From: Tuesday, March 6, 3: March 7, at 9: I was also kind of annoyed that a highly profitable PR firm apparently expected me to do free work for them. But two things are similar to what they did for Marquette. First, a PR disaster when a crock-pot explodes, burns down a home and kills a man.

Then there was the bad PR when Samsung released a defective smartphone. Within minutes, we responded with a savagely simple reply: More than 80 news stories worldwide — all from a single emoji.

Our strategy had become confronting negativity head on, in real-time. Unfortunately, you never know what the Internet will serve up next. So we stacked our team with community managers and strategists who not only deeply understood Twitter, but could act on the unexpected quick.

They knew what to look for, and how to react to it with brevity and incisive wit. Some of their work involves legitimate activities supporting controversial policies eg.

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How Much Did it Cost Of course, neither Marquette nor Edelman is going to say how much the campaign against this blogger which included an attack website, ads on Google, an ads in major newspapers has cost them.

But some public information comes from another case: Then there are lost alumni contributions. We have no way to estimate those, but literally dozens of alunni have told us that they discontinued contributing to Marquette because of our case.


That is, hurt it among the sort of parents who might prefer Marquette to a much less expensive state school, or an overtly secular private college. But now they have no reason to. Responding to intense post-Charlottesville criticism, last year the ACLU reconsidered its obligation to represent white-supremacist protesters.News and analysis on Catalonia's struggle for self-determination from Green Left Weekly's European bureau.

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Case analysis on silence sacrifices
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