Chapter 5 funding jill moran s retirement annuity

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Chapter 5 funding jill moran s retirement annuity

Preface [Page ix] The revelation that advocacy with battered women needed to change began inshortly after passage of mandatory arrest provisions in Connecticut, as Jill Davies trained and provided legal consultation to advocates and Eleanor Lyon studied the new role of family violence victim advocates in court.

Three key lessons we learned from battered women during this project were: These realizations led to an extensive exploration of the proper role of advocacy.

The core concepts of woman-defined advocacy were formulated as part of this early work, known as safety planning. Jill was the catalyst for the development and evolution of woman-defined advocacy; through her work with battered women and advocates, her writing and analysis, she continues to lead the exploration and refinement of this approach to advocacy.

Eleanor evaluated the first pilot testing of materials and training and provided research support to the training and evaluation of the follow-up work with advocates using the approach.

Eleanor has played an ongoing significant role in woman-defined advocacy as a community researcher, offering information, analysis, and support as the training and development of woman-defined advocacy has proceeded. Eleanor also placed the woman-defined advocacy model into the context of the current literature and thinking about family violence, battered women, and advocates.

Diane continued to work with advocates on the implementation of this approach. Diane worked hard on early drafts of this manuscript, and actively participated in many of the conversations that led to elaboration of the model presented here. We are grateful to the many people who helped us: Battered women, who courageously plan for their safety as advocates continue to try to find the answers; the lessons we learned from battered women are the basis of our approach and inform this book.

Advocates, for trusting us to try the approach, working with us to enhance it, and the incredible, meaningful work they do with battered women. Anne Menard, for her vision and support of the work from its inception. She offered ongoing critical feedback that raised crucial questions about the broader implications of the approach.

She also provided significant comments regarding the final version of the book. Sue Osthoff, for reading and for her thoughtful analysis and tireless support. Martie Boyer, for her analysis and support.

Clint Sanders, for his understanding and encouragement. Joe, Joey, and Andrew Catania, for their unwavering support. Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, for its ongoing commitment to the implementation of woman-defined advocacy.

Stephen Frazzini, Executive Director of GHLA, for his vision and his understanding that the pursuit of justice requires a broad view of lawyering. The Village for Families and Children, for its support of research and its work to end violence against women and children.

Chapter 5 funding jill moran s retirement annuity

Claire Renzetti and Jeff Edelson, for their thoughtful guidance and encouragement throughout this process. Greater Hartford Legal Assistance, Inc.

Funding Jill Moran's Retirement Annuity | Essay Example

Horrigan and Theodore M. Our partners, family, and friends. Considerations for Information Gathering [Page ] Ongoing Program Documentation Ongoing program documentation is a deliberate gathering and recording of specific information about what the program does, who does it, and with whom.

Program documentation is a useful tool, however, when it is based on an understanding of the work; in fact, good information is essential to effective woman-defined advocacy.

Such information is important to have just for program self-appraisal and improvement. It can also provide the basis for policy analysis and community change.FNAN COURSE SYLLABUS. Want to play with the background colors? Well, here's your chance! Also focus on Learning Objectives at the start of each chapter.

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Chapter 5 funding jill moran s retirement annuity

Course Student-Teacher Interaction Expectations. Rent textbook Grant Writing and Fundraising Tool Kit for Human Services by Dustin, Jill C. - Price: $ Chapter 4 Time Value of Money Case Finding Jill Moran’s Retirement Annuity Chapter 4’s case challenges the student to apply present value and future value techniques to a real-world situation.

Draw and time line depicting all of the cash flows associated with Sunrise's view of the retirement annuity. How large a sum must Sunrise accumulate by the end of year 12 to provide the 20 year, $42, annuity?

Jill Moran. Ms. Moran, by contract, will retire at the end of exactly 12 years. What is the amount of the payments that Tom. Organization 5 Why Study Managerial Finance?

Review Questions 9 The Managerial Finance Function 9 of an Ordinary Annuity Finding the Future Value of an Annuity Due Chapter 4 Case: Finding Jill Moran's Retirement Annuity Spreadsheet Exercise Group Exercise Chapter 4 Time Value of Money Instructor’s Resources Overview This chapter introduces an important financial concept: the time value of money.

The present value and future value of a sum, as well as the present and future values of an annuity, are explained.

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