Critical thinking quiz ashford university

I want to list some remaining items on my task list for this year for House District Thank you for your interest, and please let me know of any other issue that concerns you.

Critical thinking quiz ashford university

You are exhibiting perseverance by enrolling at Ashford University in order to continue your education and earn a degree. The author has developed a list of six factors found in Worksheet 1. Carefully review the questions associated with each of the six factors in Worksheet 1.

Critical thinking quiz ashford university

When you have reflected on your thoughts for each, you are ready to write your response. Respond to the questions associated with each of the six factors. Your response to each factor should be at least four to five sentences in length in order to provide sufficient detail and context. Do not attach Worksheet 1.

Your initial post should contain a minimum of words and be written in complete sentences. Discuss how the success factors described by your classmates compare to your own.

Provide tips that can help maximize their success. Each response should be a minimum of 50 words. Think about it this way This discussion is asking you to do three things: Answers must be in complete sentences.

These learning processes can give you a sense of confidence or fill you with dread as you consider the task that lies before you.

In order to be an intentional learner, you need to recognize the powerful role your learning processes play and how to control and direct them before they control you.

Carefully read the true story of David in section 1. As you begin your studies at Ashford University, what concerns do you have regarding your learning and achievement as a college student? Now think of a time when you found yourself in a learning situation e.

Keeping in mind the learning situation you reflected on, address the following in your response: In the discussion you provided specific examples of a time when you used each Learning Pattern. For this assignment you will provide a general description of how your Patterns emerge in all aspects of your life.

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Johnston said in the video EXP Completing your personal learning profile, you want to be able to frame your description so that someone can get to know you quickly and completely. Your assignment should provide an explanation of the thoughts, feelings, and actions you have when you use each Pattern.

Watch the Completing your personal learning profile video by Dr. Johnston and carefully re-read section 2.

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Click to view a Model Personal Learning Profile. Use the model as a guide to complete your own. You will be filling out the Personal Learning Profile form to complete the assignment. To save it to your computer, use the following instructions: Before attempting this discussion, please be sure you have completed the Learning Connections Inventory LCIthen carefully read Chapter 2 and the Week Two Instructor Guidance this is located on the left navigation menu under Week 2.

In particular, pay attention to sections 2. Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence. Your results of the LCI take the mystery out of how you learn and provide you with a set of terms to describe your learning processes accurately and thoroughly.

The information gained from completing the LCI explains what you may have always known and felt about yourself as a learner, but may not have had the words to describe. Describe a specific time when you used each Pattern to accomplish a task.

Your examples may be from your academic, personal, or professional experiences. Examples should consist of at least three to five sentences in order to give a complete picture of your thoughts, feelings, and actions associated with each Learning Pattern. How can you use this knowledge to be more intentional in these areas?

In other words, what can be done to make positive changes in your life right now?

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