Evaluation of the strategies adopted by lenovo marketing essay

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Evaluation of the strategies adopted by lenovo marketing essay

Introduction This report is basically for developing the strategies for Lenovo Organization in Chinese market and finding the strategies which Lenovo has adopted for India for getting success. Here, it is discussed about the strategies of AAA that is adopted in India and should also be adopted by Lenovo in Chinese market.

Lenovo Organization in India For discussing the reason of success of Lenovo organization in India, we will relate it with the three theories, Adaptation, Aggregation, and Arbitrage.

Adaptation Lenovo modifies its products according to the need and requirement of the time. Lenovo provides a wide range of services and facilities in their products.

Evaluation of the strategies adopted by lenovo marketing essay

If we discuss about selling of the Lenovo products in initial stage, it started with providing the 16 GB hard disks with only MB RAM which was enough at that time. In the other adaptation theory of Focus, Lenovo mainly focused on the selling of laptops and somewhat on tablets, in India, which resulted in a great success for Lenovo laptops in the Indian market.

Strategy of Lenovo in Chinese Market

It provides quality at less cost according to the needs and requirements of the customers. Lenovo provides outstanding design and a professional look to the user. Lenovo also innovates various features in their laptops Mathur, The examples of these are the detachable laptops which can be used as both Tablets and Laptops.

Aggregation Lenovo follows the strategy that it works in both developed and developing market in India. The company also used to develop strategies to stay in this competitive market.

Currently, the main competitor of Lenovo is Dell in the Indian market. Lenovo had worked well in Indian market and ranked itself ahead from HP, Samsung etc. For competing in the market, Lenovo produces reliable products with high quality and features at relatively low price Heinecke, The other example of outsourcing for Indian market is the contract of ReasonNet.

Lenovo ReasonNet provides its best IT services to Lenovo for various purposes but most of the hardware components are manufactured by Lenovo itself for Laptops Lenovo, Adaptation Adaptation strategy of Lenovo should include that Lenovo should have its design centre, manufacturing units and marketing centres in China.

Lenovo needs to innovate various new features in their products and try to develop more reliable and best quality products for China. Lenovo should adopt the new technology available in the market. It should maintain its own supply chain unit by itself to stabilize in the Chinese Market Jing, Aggregation Aggregation strategy of Lenovo should include the strategy of first focusing on the metro cities of the China.

The targeting of market should include the proper research on market like current needs and requirements of the new technologies which can help Chinese market effectively and efficiently Ghemawat, The company should also do some special preparation for the Chinese market competition. Arbitrage The company should outsource Chinese operating system for the Chinese market.

The company should develop the products according to the culture of China and should provide various attractive offers in the festival seasons.

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Hence, these strategies can be used to compete in the market of China. Relevance of the Strategies Most probably, the above strategies works in Chinese market. If we consider the described adaptive strategies, Chinese market is proved as best manufacturing unit for the Electronics items. People of China have the outstanding capability towards the electronics, Chinese market develops various Electronics products.

There is very high level of competition in the Chinese market in Electronics. Thus, Lenovo should innovate new features for their products.Lenovo’s sports marketing, the Olympic marketing, and co-brand marketing strategy enhance the brand image and capture the market share.


Its global branding strategy incorporates three phases. In the first phase – focused on the continuity of the brand in overseas countries to strengthen the relationship between the Lenovo and Thinkpad; .

Featured. McKinsey Global Institute Our mission is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the global economy. Published: Tue, 11 Jul Abstract. Purpose – This study aims to apply the reviewed literature of brand identity, brand strategy, and product positioning to analyze the lessons and improvements on how Lenovo, a No.1 PC manufacturer in China, implements brand integration as part of its global brand strategy to increase brand awareness and recognition.

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