How to write a nursing journal article review

Share via Email How to negotiate the many hurdles that stand between a draft paper and publication. Even if you overcome the first hurdle and generate a valuable idea or piece of research - how do you then sum it up in a way that will capture the interest of reviewers? But there are some challenges that will confront all academic writers regardless of their discipline. How should you respond to reviewer feedback?

How to write a nursing journal article review

Academic journals in nursing include articles that share research findings, literature reviews and theories in nursing.

Reviews of new books, publications on research and theories as well as letters to the editor commenting on these new publications may be included in the academic journal. Academic journals are written for a MSN or Ph. This journal contained a guest editorial discussing some programs and paradigms, or the specific ideas and theories behind the programs.

How to Write a Journal Article Review APA Style | Pen and the Pad

The journal also included letters to the editor, a dialogue section, an article section and nurses notes. The dialogue section included written responses to previously published articles. The nurse's notes included a page case study written by an MSN. The other articles were written by Ph. The journal would be hard for the common person to read due to vocabulary used.

The articles and even the dialogue responses included a list of references to their writing.

Each of the articles had a short abstract paragraph and key words. Some of the research reports included a background in their research, the methods used in the research or methodology, results and a discussion section on their results.

The articles reflected good writing through flow, correct grammar, and clarity. They also demonstrated characteristics of good writing in nursing as being to the point, clear and concise.

Being to the point, by clearly stating ideas can be demonstrated in the article "Dimensions of a Nurse Caring. These examples exemplify writing in nursing as being to the point, not wordy.

The article was clear and shared the information in the research that was relevant to the article. The method of this research included sharing information about the sample, instrument and procedures.

Four reference tables displaying results were included in the publication. The results summed up what they found in the study. The discussion included information about factors involved in the research, limitations of the study and concluding ideas.

Non-academic journals in nursing are written for a practicing nurse. Articles in this type of journal may include clinical topics through a specific case, a quiz on types of drugs, and articles about a specific topic.

how to write a nursing journal article review

Information about therapies, drugs, legal issues and patient issues may also be included in the non-academic journal. Features of this magazine include an editor's memo, responses to previously published articles in a section, and the RN news watch.

Also included was the "nursing lite" which is a funny story about something that happened at work.“A guide to taking a patient’s history” is an article published in Nursing Standard Journal in the December issue.

how to write a nursing journal article review

This article was written by Hilary Lloyd and Stephen Craig. The authors of this article provide a guide for taking a comprehensive and accurate history from the patient.

Writing a Journal Cover Letter [Free Template] Instructions on writing a journal cover letter. 2. You can also describe what type of manuscript your submission is (research article, review, case report, etc.). In this first paragraph and the next, describe the rationale behind your study and the major findings from your research.

Writing for a journal can be a rewarding aspect of nursing, as far as sharing a specific case or research. Academic and non-academic journals may publish a variety of genres in nursing related to the theme of the issue.

How to Write for Our Nursing Journals Jan 8 by Cara Deming Share this on. Writing for a nursing journal is a great way to advance your nursing career, get your voice heard, and share your particular nursing perspective on topics important to you.

the online submission and electronic peer review process is a breeze. There’s always. Step'by-step guide to critiquing research.

Part 1: quantitative research Michaei Coughian, Patricia Cronin, Frances Ryan British Journal of Nursing. Vol 16, No II. RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES Elements Writing styie Author Report titie Abstract Questions Is the report well written - concise, grammatically correct, avoid the use of. Writing the Summary Like an abstract in a published research article, the purpose of an article summary is to give the reader a brief overview of the study.

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