How to write a rap song like kanye west

How to Rap Like Drake By Contributor ; Updated September 15, Drake is the biggest thing in hip hop or rap right now because of his incredible song structure. Like rap or not, Drake's rapping and song organization could be emulated by any artist, amateur or professional. Since I have a special bond to hip hop, I'm going to focus on Drake and rapping artists. Here's how to rap like Drake.

How to write a rap song like kanye west

The whole concept, the single frames, the execution, everything. Basically, my idea is that if we begin to analyze videos in such manners, it would act as our case study and what we learn here, we can use it in our own videos. Overall Concept At the start of this rubric, we deduced that every video should have an overall project.

A vision, which acts as the common denominator of a song.

how to write a rap song like kanye west

It brings everything together. What is it here? The video has multiple layers of concepts underneath it. You have three people, doing wrong, wanting to change.

The three people get to church, where Kanye is the minister, and surrender. They admit their sins. It starts with the hustler, the prostitute and the alcoholic.

how to write a rap song like kanye west

Each of them suffers, because demons are in control of their life. For one is the bad peers, for the other is the desire for easy money and the alcoholic has booze as his demon.

They make the move and the demon appears suddenly, giving them a way to change their mind one more time. For the prostitute, a client appears ready to give his money for sex.

This is where the angels appear People who help the three people. For the prostitute, it was the kids who helped her jump that fence. For the alcoholic, it was the person in the wheelchair, stopping the traffic. For the gangbanger, it was the person, who helped him stand up. The video shows how they get to the church and surrender their demons.

The gangbanger throws out his flag, the alcoholic his booze and the prostitute-her body. Once they do that, the church gets empty, implying that even though god is for everyone, god has a personal relationship with each of us.

On the other side, we have frames where the demons are trying to hurt the angels. Some kids throwing rocks at the angels on the fence, the gangbangers trying to get that old man and the drunks laughing at the angel in the wheelchair.

Next thing you know, the angels turn into doves and fly away. Demons cannot hurt them. Where Was This Shot? You might think that because of the complexity of the overall concept, the video would be very difficult to shoot. Well, this might be part of the truth, but the thing is that the whole video is being shot in two main places-the street and the church.

You have Kanye rapping as the preacher in the church and then you have the rest of the script playing out on the street.Nov 20,  · How to Write Rap Lyrics. You can also find them on apps like Rap to Beats, AutoRap, and RapChat.

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In the song “Heartless,” for example, Kanye West raps his bridge in a different rhythm and in a higher vocal pitch than the rest of the song.

Community Q&A%(3). Drake released a remix of Kanye West’s song ‘Say What’s Real’ on February 14th (Valentine's Day). Drizzy’s version of the ' & Heartbreaks' song heard him rap about the pressures of. Seven years ago this month, we were all giddy with the hype and secrecy behind Kanye West’s upcoming fifth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted consider that album to be Kanye’s magnum opus (not me that honor belongs to Graduation) and the last vestige of the “Old Kanye” before he completely succumbed to whatever peyote he was smoking to create a clothing line for.

Dec 27,  · im really stuck on writing a rap song, i just dont no wat to write it about! im confused becos rappers lil wayne ect dont really have a particular subject they just go on about random stuff so im condused really and could use some Resolved.

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In an outtake taken from Ice-T’s directorial debut Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, Kanye West has admitted that he didn’t physically write . Surprisingly, the song is about a hot air balloon ride taken by the Virgin Records CEO — the biggest hot air balloon of its time, and apparently something to write a song about.

Honestly, the original really lacks the metaphorical depth that Kanye gave the phrase.

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