International students english speaking competence and

Where in China they are[ edit ] International Students in China by Province Ininternational students mostly went to study in the major centers of Beijing 77,

International students english speaking competence and

The following excerpts from an Oral Proficiency Interview are examples of speech at the Superior Level. Nigerian educational system Direct Link to Media Rationale for Rating The Superior-Level speaker is able to communicate with ease and accuracy in order to participate fully and effectively in a conversation covering several aspects of the topic of education from both an abstract and a concrete perspective.

The speaker provides structured arguments to support his opinions education should be holistic and construct his hypotheses To reinvent the economy by education it would mean that we would look at our present social and economic circumstances and reality and prepare courses that will meet, you know, those challenges.

The speaker uses extended discourse to make his points even when engaged in abstract elaborations education should be wholly encompassing As is typical of speakers of the Superior Level, there is no pattern of errors in basic structures and the occasional structural and phonetic errors do not interfere with the communication or distract the listener.

Discussing a Topic at the Abstract, Supporting Opinion, Hypothesizing Direct Link to Media Rationale for Rating This Superior-level speaker deals with the topic of transportation, treating several aspects of the issue.

The speaker uses extended discourse, interweaving concrete examples to illustrate her points. This clip shows the speakers ability to remain at the level of the issue, to support her opinion about why Americans do not avail themselves more of mass transportation, and to hypothesize about what we might do to encourage more use of mass transportation.

The speaker shows the ability to communicate with accuracy and fluency to participate fully in the conversation about this social issue, without any evidence of unnatural hesitation, even when engaged in abstract elaborations.

The speaker shows the ability to separate main ideas from supporting information through the use of syntactic and especially phonetic devices intonation, for example.

The speaker also shows familiarity with the target-language culture that is typical of Superior-level speakers for example, culture of individuality, mystique around having a car, benefits of living in suburbia.

There is no pattern of errors in basic structures, and occasional errors do not interfere with communication or distract the listener. Advanced Speakers at the Advanced level engage in conversation in a clearly participatory manner in order to communicate information on autobiographical topics, as well as topics of community, national, or international interest.

The topics are handled concretely by means of narration and description in the major time frames of past, present, and future. These speakers can also deal with a social situation with an unexpected complication. The language of Advanced-level speakers is abundant, the oral paragraph being the measure of Advanced-level length and discourse.

International Students | Acsenda School of Management Please note that English Language tests results are usually only accepted if they have been achieved in the last two years. These courses are specifically designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary for undergraduate International Foundation Programme or postgraduate Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate study.

Advanced-level speakers have sufficient control of basic structures and generic vocabulary to be understood by native speakers of the language, including those unaccustomed to non-native speech. Narration and Description related to autobiographical experience Direct Link to Media Rationale for Rating The speaker demonstrates the ability to weave description and narration together as he speaks about his educational background.

International students english speaking competence and

He has sufficient control of basic structures and a broad, generic vocabulary so as to be understood readily by listeners, even those unaccustomed to non-native speech.

Follow up for more information Direct Link to Media Rationale for Rating In this clip, the tester follows up to get more information, asking the speaker to compare and contrast the Korean and US educational systems. The speaker appears to handle this task with ease and confidence, giving a full account.

As is typical of Advanced-level speakers, narration and description are combined and interwoven to relate relevant and supporting facts in connected, paragraph-length discourse Let me speak about difference first Advanced High Speakers at the Advanced High sublevel perform all Advanced-level tasks with linguistic ease, confidence, and competence.

They are consistently able to explain in detail and narrate fully and accurately in all time frames. In addition, Advanced High speakers handle the tasks pertaining to the Superior level but cannot sustain performance at that level across a variety of topics.


They may provide a structured argument to support their opinions, and they may construct hypotheses, but patterns of error appear. They can discuss some topics abstractly, especially those relating to their particular interests and special fields of expertise, but in general, they are more comfortable discussing a variety of topics concretely.

Advanced High speakers may demonstrate a well-developed ability to compensate for an imperfect grasp of some forms or for limitations in vocabulary by the confident use of communicative strategies, such as paraphrasing, circumlocution, and illustration.

They use precise vocabulary and intonation to express meaning and often show great fluency and ease of speech. However, when called on to perform the complex tasks associated with the Superior level over a variety of topics, their language will at times break down or prove inadequate, or they may avoid the task altogether, for example, by resorting to simplification through the use of description or narration in place of argument or hypothesis.

Advanced Mid Speakers at the Advanced Mid sublevel are able to handle with ease and confidence a large number of communicative tasks. They participate actively in most informal and some formal exchanges on a variety of concrete topics relating to work, school, home, and leisure activities, as well as topics relating to events of current, public, and personal interest or individual relevance.

Advanced Mid speakers demonstrate the ability to narrate and describe in the major time frames of past, present, and future by providing a full account, with good control of aspect.

Narration and description tend to be combined and interwoven to relate relevant and supporting facts in connected, paragraph-length discourse. Advanced Mid speakers can handle successfully and with relative ease the linguistic challenges presented by a complication or unexpected turn of events that occurs within the context of a routine situation or communicative task with which they are otherwise familiar.

Communicative strategies such as circumlocution or rephrasing are often employed for this purpose. The speech of Advanced Mid speakers performing Advanced-level tasks is marked by substantial flow.

Their vocabulary is fairly extensive although primarily generic in nature, except in the case of a particular area of specialization or interest. Their discourse may still reflect the oral paragraph structure of their own language rather than that of the target language.

Advanced Mid speakers contribute to conversations on a variety of familiar topics, dealt with concretely, with much accuracy, clarity and precision, and they convey their intended message without misrepresentation or confusion.

They are readily understood by native speakers unaccustomed to dealing with non-natives. Advanced Low Speakers at the Advanced Low sublevel are able to handle a variety of communicative tasks.

They are able to participate in most informal and some formal conversations on topics related to school, home, and leisure activities.

They can also speak about some topics related to employment, current events, and matters of public and community interest. Advanced Low speakers demonstrate the ability to narrate and describe in the major time frames of past, present, and future in paragraph-length discourse with some control of aspect.International Journal of Instruction.

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