Jose rizal an exemplary leader essay

It is not surprising to see texts about the martyrdom of their most celebrated hero- Dr. The national revolution that the Philippines had from to was one period when the Filipino people were most united, most involved and most spirited to fight for one thing that they have been deserve — freedom.

Jose rizal an exemplary leader essay

She encouraged me to pursue a Ph. A few months before I defended my dissertation, the job ad came out, and one of the qualifications indicated was "Ph. I humbly receive this award on behalf of all librarians and library staff that I have worked with from the time of Ms.

I also thank the faculty of the then Institute of Library Science, now School of Library and Information Studiesfor imparting to me all the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a good librarian. Allow me to also thank three people who played very important roles in molding me: Filomena Tann, and Prof.

Now let me tell you a story about how I became a librarian. My bachelor's degree is in Food Technology. While working on my thesis, I frequented the library to conduct my literature search.

It was there that I observed and marvelled at how librarians were able to organize information, so that searching for the right information at the right time was possible. The fascination with library work turned into a vision that someday I will become a librarian.

Inthe vision was realized and I graduated with my MLS. I never regretted the decision. The passion that I had then for Library Science is with me until now. I love librarianship and I am proud to be a librarian. I know that the image of librarians is not as high as that for faculty or other professionals, but we who are in the field know our importance.

If mathematics is the queen of the sciences, library science is the mother of all disciplines. Today computers have made text searching of digitized or born-digital materials possible. However, books and other materials that are not available in digitized format still have to be catalogued for easy access.

Our profession is a noble one and we have to increase our tribe so that more people will benefit from our knowledge and skill. Only new graduates and repeaters took the exam. The University of the Philippines had a per cent passing rate, but only 25 graduates took the exam.

These figures show the very small number of students enrolled in either the bachelor's degree or master's degree programs. We have to work together to increase enrollment and the passing rate. The challenge is for a group or groups to develop modules that would enable the repeaters to understand the concepts of the field.

In the past, library science has been taught in a recipe-style manner. With AACR2, for example, the number of spaces between words and the punctuations were always emphasized. The display format was so important to make the catalog look good through uniform entries.

Today the display is no longer that important. The content is the key to access and librarians have become teachers, facilitators, managers, and what have you.


Let us help the repeaters cope with these changes so that they can pass the LLE, become better librarians, and help improve the image of the librarian. Click on the images to see the larger versions. The bottom line in quality of education is the quality of teaching and teachers.

UPLSAA must also play this role by helping practitioners develop further through contintuing education programs designed not only for its graduates but also for graduates of other library schools. Perhaps the quality that I possess that has inspired others and gained your vote to name me as the Distinguished Alumna Awardee for is my belief in people.

I believe that all persons are capable of improving themselves through mentoring, and exposure to life-long learning programs.

Such activities enable them to see themselves as capable of sharing ideas to colleagues, networking, and becoming more and more competent. Learning is from cradle to the grave. Let us stop remembering how some people look at our profession.

We are what we are at the moment, and let us see ourselves as important members of society. As librarians we have travelled far and wide to either attend or deliver papers in conferences to share our ideas.

We have helped students graduate. We have helped faculty with their research and more. Let us therefore share these abilities with other people and encourage them to become librarians. I would also like to thank my children who have been very supportive of my endeavors.KASPIL1 Integrative Essay (Unexpurgated Copy) First Poem by Rizal.

Jose Rizal. himself serving as the leader. "I present you a small treatise in defence of those principles of freedom which your exemplary virtue hath so eminently contributed to establish. that is—forced to live in misery and squalor.

and may God forgive those who have. This is a reworking of a discussion I published earlier here on my blog. I cut it up to include only the Rizal stuff. My Borgesian Rizal: Lessons on Language and Revision in a Re-Reading of the Noli and Fili.

I’d like to talk about Rizal here from my perspective a bit, from reading him as a novelist. Exemplary | Language is the bridge to humanity. Today our marvelous volunteer Sara uncovered a program and invitation to what appears to be an annual celebration in the Salem community of the death of Dr.

Jose Rizal, a Filipino nationalist. Among these Ilustrados was the Filipino national hero José Rizal, a Filipino leader who had led rebellion against Spanish rule in the Philippines in , Exemplary of this was the fact that four former Confederate States Army generals had served in the war.

Jose rizal an exemplary leader essay

This May 14 election week, the brutal Arroyo regime in the Philippines, backed by the Bush fundamentalist cabal, is facing the people's judgment for "crimes against humanity" (to quote the verdict of the Permanent People's Tribunal). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

RIOT, Rizal In Our Time: