Multiple intelligences research paper

Two groups of students from a polytechnic university in central Taiwan were chosen as research subjects, and an experiment was designed and performed to explore the effects of multiple intelligences teaching on the experimental group, versus that of traditional teaching on the control group. Students from the experimental group performed significantly better than students in the control group on an actual hands-on design project assignment.

Multiple intelligences research paper

Understanding Your Child's Learning Style 3. So what are Multiple Intelligences anyway? Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences in to help educators, psychologists and parenting experts better understand how children process and learn information.

But it was Gardner who brought widespread acceptance to the idea. A great admirer of Gardner, Dr. This child focuses in school, enjoys reading, has an extensive vocabulary, prefers English or Social Studies over math and science, learns a foreign language with ease, is a good speller and writer, likes rhymes and puns, and communicates his thoughts well.

Encourage him to discuss books he has read with you, play word or board games, prepare speeches or enroll in drama classes. This child is curious about how things work, loves numbers and math especially if he can do it in his headenjoys strategy games like chess, checkers, brain teasers or logic puzzles, likes experiments, is interested in natural history museums, and likes computers.

Instructions for Multiple Intelligences College Essay Examples

Encourage her to solve various kinds of puzzles, provide her with games like checkers, chess or backgammon, let her figure things out and encourage her to ask questions. This child easily leans to read and understands charts and maps, daydreams often, is skilled at drawing, doodling and creating 3-D sculptures, enjoys movies, and likes taking things apart and putting them back together.

Provide opportunities to paint, color, design. Give him puzzles and 3-D activities like solving mazes, challenge his creativity, and encourage him to design buildings or clothing. Encourage fine-motor ability teach her to build paper airplanes, create origami, or try knitting.

Enroll her in dance class. This child can tell you when music is off-key and easily remember melodies. He has a pleasant singing voice, shows aptitude with musical instruments, speaks or moves in a rhythmical way, hums or whistles to himself, and may show sensitivity to surrounding noises.

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Encourage him to play an instrument, write songs, join school bands or choirs, or study folk dancing from other countries. This child enjoys socializing with friends, is a natural leader, is caring, helps friends solve problems, is street-smart and understands feelings from facial expressions, gestures and voice.

Encourage collaborative activities with friends inside and outside of school, expose her to multi-cultural books and experiences, encourage dramatic activities and role playing, help her learn to negotiate and share.

This child shows a sense of independence, knows his abilities and weaknesses, and does well when left alone to play or study. Help him set goals and realize the steps to get there, encourage independent projects and journal writing, help him find quiet places for reflection and appreciate his differences.

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This child talks about favorite pets or outdoor spots, enjoys nature preserves and the zoo, and has a strong connection to the outside world. She likes to play outdoors, collects bugs, flowers and leaves, and is interested in biology, astronomy, meteorology or zoology.

Take her to science museums, exhibits and zoos. Encourage her to create observation notebooks, ant farms, bug homes, and leaf collections. Involve her in the care of pets, wildlife, and gardens.

Make binoculars and telescopes available to her.

Multiple intelligences research paper

This child enjoys thinking and questions the way things are. He shows curiosity about life and death and shows a philosophical awareness and interest that seems beyond his years.

Be patient with his questioning, as he may ask over and over again. Read books together that explore these topics and talk about them at an age-appropriate level.Free multiple intelligences papers, essays, and research papers.

Spearman’s Model of Intelligence and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences are influential in their respective paradigms. In this paper, we will review the tenets of each theory, trying to understand which of them is more in line with psychology today.

The idea of Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences suggests that there are specific intelligences that are inherent in all individuals. The author, however, suggests that a preferred style may not necessarily be the best way an individual learns.

Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences) Learning is the aspect of solving problems that are valued in diverse cultural arrangements based on Howard Gardner ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’, (Gardner ).He reviewed literature based on several criteria of learning.

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Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has challenged the historical view of research in the field of neuroscience. The connection between how the mind is organized and This early view of a pen-and-paper measure of intelligence, or intelligence quotient testing, became the tradition in the.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences