Record label business plan 2012 presidential election

The outcome doomed our country. But apart from the more emotional aspects of the election, marketing lessons abound. So, courtesy of the election season, here are a few reminders for us all: You can always find data to back up what you want to think.

I often wondered when I was a younger man why there were so many different music labels. These are just a few examples of the cornicopia of music labels they utilized.

What were the purposes of these labels? Music publishing companies need a way to categorize their music to make it easier to market to different segments of the general public. This also generally holds true when it comes politics.

Politicians and political parties run their election campaigns the same way marketing and advertising executives run product campaigns. They pick a catchy label that they feel will define and explain their candidate in a favorable way to the voting public. They also use labels to portray their opponents in an unfavorable light.

This all results in a myriad of artificial labels that political operatives create to define their candidates and separate them from their opponents. Identity politics has been created this way and it polarizes different political factions in the United States. My goal with this article is to identify and define the most prevalent labels on our political spectrum and within our two major political parties.

I will attempt to show both the differences and the commonalities among these labels.

record label business plan 2012 presidential election

Then I will describe to you what all of this labeling does to our political discourse and landscape. Finally I will describe what we can do to sift through this political brush and see what is going on more clearly. Both sides seek to confuse the public while demonizing their opponents while placing themselves in the best possible light.

The two major political labels that illustrate the opposite poles on our political spectrum are liberal and conservative.

They are colloquially called left wing and right wing respectively. The liberals or left wing represents individuals who feel that government should have an expansive role in servicing its citizens and a moderate role in protecting them.

They generally feel that government is and should be a positive entity. The label of conservative or right wing represents individuals who feel that government should have a very limited role in servicing its citizens and a more robust role in protecting them.

They generally feel that government is in most cases a negative entity upon its citizens. This is the political spectrum that the various political groups and labels lie.

I will now illustrate these various groups and the labels that have been assigned to them. Let me start by examining some of the labels on the Democratic party side. There are less of them in our current era than for the Republicans. This is probably the case because the Republicans have been so effective in demonizing some Democrats with their labels.

The Republicans have been successful in turning the term Liberal Democrat into a perjorative term. A good deal of the American population are unaware of most of the definitions of the political labels. The constant drumbeat of the Republicans have turned the label Liberal into an instantly negative image.

Conservative Republican views on government administration are so diametrically opposed to Liberal Democrats that they naturally feel the urge to demonize them to the general public. Further they have instilled into the minds of many that Liberals do not hold the same moral values as the majority of the American people.

This fallacy is the result of a relentless and effective marketing campaign by Republicans.Download Citation on ResearchGate | Incumbency Advantage in U.S. Presidential Elections: The Historical Record | David R. Mayhew examines U.S.

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presidential elections from through He. The Midterm Elections are fast approaching. ABC News brings you in-depth coverage and breaking political news, as voters determine the Senate and House of Representatives.

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record label business plan 2012 presidential election

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