Role of non monetary factors in

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Role of non monetary factors in

Posted on July 14, by Michael Gabriel They say that money makes the world go around. However, this may not be true all the time, especially when you are talking about motivating your employees.

They satisfy the immediate necessities of men such as food, clothing, and shelter. But what is really essential are the needs found on the higher levels, and they are not associated with money.

Monetary policy spillovers, global commodity prices and cooperation

Here are the six non-monetary benefits you can provide to your employees: Flexibility It is a mandate for employees to follow their bosses, but if supervisors get all the say, they will immediately feel limited. Workers still require a room where they can voice out their opinion and ideas, as well as the liberty to be versatile on their approaches to conflicts and problems.

You can also emphasize flexibility in terms of work hours. Most of the career people these days are moms and dads who have greater personal responsibilities. To be able to work at their own pace will permit them to take care of all their obligations both at home and at the office.

Recognition Who does not want to be recognized? Yet many employees are not given even a pat in the back or a handshake by their bosses. If they give employers the privilege to criticize, it is only right for the managers to give away praises.

Recognition can come in different forms. A simple e-mail blast can already do wonders. You may also hold an informal appreciation ceremony for all those who have excelled expectations for a given month.

Training When you train your employees, it means there is plenty of room for them to grow.

Role of non monetary factors in

They can look forward to much bigger challenges. Trainings give good types of stress, something that motivates employees to push themselves to the limit.

Personally, it gives them a good idea of their own strengths and weaknesses. Trainings, however, should be in line with the career path the employee wants to take.

Otherwise, they cannot use the learning to the fullest. It is best to conduct skill assessment before creating training programs. Belongingness Sickness is just one of the least causes of absenteeism. It is actually conflict and politics in the workplace that makes workers hate coming to the office.

Though most employees understand the employee-manager relationship, it is also important to them that they can sense a feeling of friendship and belongingness.

Take time to come up with team-building activities. It does not have to be very long or tedious. Your team simply has to strengthen trust, respect, and accountability with each other. Chance to Contribute You can greatly motivate your employees if you can make them feel that the success of your organization also depends on them.

You can do this by allowing them to head projects as well as getting their consensus on major decisions that can affect your business and organization.In addition to monetary eligibility, nonmonetary factors can also make workers ineligible.

People can become disqualified for nonmonetary reasons in one of two main ways. In most states, claimants who quit jobs voluntarily usually are ineligible for benefits.

Role of non monetary factors in

When making informed business decisions, it’s imperative to consider non-financial factors of accounting. Take into account market conditions, government regulations, hiring practices, overall business strategy and organizational culture within the full disclosure principle.

The Impact of Monetary and Non-Monetary Rewards on Motivation among Lower Level Employees in Selected Retail Shops Article (PDF Available) in African journal of . Non monetary rewards can be effective only if money is not an issue.

By that I mean that the employee don’t have to think about how to stretch salary from 01 to 31 in the month. Then other non monetary rewards can become a powerful tool in motivation process.

Decision making under risk is presented in the context of decision analysis using different decision criteria for public and private decisions based on decision criteria, type, and quality of available information together with risk assessment.

What are Economic Activities? Meaning ↓ Economic activities are related to production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services.

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