Standard of sports in malaysia need to improve

The old turf for this improvised dwarf metre by metre hockey field was taken from the Sarawak Hockey Stadium at Padungan in

Standard of sports in malaysia need to improve

For your reading pleasure]. I not only watch sports, I also participate whenever I have the chance. I seldom decline invitations from friends to play futsal, soccer, badminton, bowling or hockey. Therefore, I follow the development of sports in this country and the world with much interest.

Malaysia finished last among 12 nations. Despite various local competitions, the quality of hockey has not improved and there is only a limited number of capable players. Previously, the bastion of hockey was in urban areas, especially in the secondary schools. Most of these schools have lost their hockey fields and hockey no longer played at these schools.

I must say that I concur with what V. Thomas has said above and also most of his article and therefore, I feel compelled to write this piece on my blog and hopefully someone will take notice and do something to improve the poor state of sports in this country.

The Poor State of Sports In Malaysia Despite millions being poured into sports development in this country, the truth is sports are not taken seriously in Malaysia.

Although there are Sports Science subject offered at the universities, sports itself is not a subject in school. Yes, there is Physical Education Pendidikan Jasmani but it is not given much emphasis. It is not considered a worthwhile subject even though it could do wonders to national unity and pride.

There is 1Murid 1Sukan but there is no specially qualified sports teacher to guide the pupils. Thomas lamented in his article. While we wasted millions of ringgit on Sport Schools and other sports development programs that only concentrate on certain areas and children, why not expand it to the whole nation.

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What a waste of talent it could have been. If spotted early, they would not have picked up too many bad habits in sports and therefore can be guided to play the particular sport the way it should be played.

Standard of sports in malaysia need to improve

All we need to do is to incorporate the proper training methods in 1Murid 1Sukan and give our teachers who are interested in sports coaching clinic or courses.

Cooperation and support from the Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Education is required to ensure such program 1Murid 1Sukan works effectively. Coaches and scouts must also identify our future sportsmen with world class potential. Therefore, in certain sports like football, hockey, rugby or tennis, bigger physiques are required.

During the Rabobank Hockey World Cup, our boys were beaten not because of lack of skills but rather lack of size and were out-run by bigger and taller European players. It must be noted that, sports like football and hockey have become more and more physically demanding these days do read my posting on: Maybe, we need to put some emphasis on this matter before sending players overseas.

Kasi crash course English lesson dulu and maybe add general knowledge to their brains, baru depa tak takut dengan mat salleh. Speaking about competing with the best, why not give our football team a chance to improve their ranking and play against better teams by giving away citizenship to those interested and want to be Malaysians.

Standard of sports in malaysia need to improve

People like Brazilian, Paulo Rangel and Argentine, Jorge Pereyra Diaz are quality footballers who will never ever play for their already star-studded national football teams. They can certainly lift up our ranking, thus allowing our boys to play against better opponent, and hence lifting the standard of football in this country.

This is just temporary measure. I believe the Japanese did this before and once they managed to produce their own world class players, they do away with such measure. So, kita pun jangan sombong ya! In my mind, I expected a forum to be a place where there will be exchange of ideas, specifically for the purpose of enhancing or promoting the development of sports in the state.

What are the benefits?

Undeterred, I raised the issues that most Sports association faced at that time: What did we get?Freshly launched in Malaysia is the Kawasaki ZRS, its retro take on the Z naked sports, at a price of RM67, for the standard and RM69, for the special edition, including GST but.

Malaysia Quality of Life in Ninth Malaysia Plan The Malaysian QoL, as measured by the MQLI, improved during the period, increasingly by points except for public safety and the environment, all components of the MQLI made good progress.

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Television in Malaysia Malaysian television broadcasting was and the need to improve the nation's Internet broadband infrastructure.

including television from Thailand and Laos, the channel broadcast are Malay Fun TV, Malaysia Sports (these stations are Malay-language TV in the USA), TVSelangor, Global TV.

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