Sullivan ford case

Automobile Due to rising fuel prices, industry and in-house forecasts for future sales were discouraging. Trend is shifting towards vehicle service transactions.

Sullivan ford case

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Walter had bought a Ford dealership in that eventually grew into what is now Sullivan Ford Auto World.

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The business sells cars but also services them. She can sell the business but will probably only return a value below what it might be worth if profitable or she can look at the operation and see if she can turn it around herself.

Characteristics of Services The car sales and car service are closely linked. Here, we look at the car service following on from the car sale and both these processes are happening with the same provider, Sullivan Ford Auto World.

While we generally say that services are intangible, in this case the car sales service has a high goods content that is the car at the end of the process. The car service on the other hand, is intangible. The core business here can be looked at as the car sales and the supplementary service is the car servicing.

Sullivan is trying to establish the service as a stand-alone service. Sullivan could have customers that have not bought a car but have their own car serviced at the garage. But Sullivan would hope that when they sell a car, this customer will come back regularly to have their car serviced.

However, survey results suggest Sullivan is not getting repeats. Another difference here is that when a car is sold, ownership changes to the buyer but in services we say that ownership does not change.

Sullivan ford case

As we know, services cannot be stored. The physical car can be stored and kept as stock or inventory but the car servicing cannot. Therefore, it is essential that the servicing is kept working in order to generate turnover.

If the service department has capacity to service ten cars per day, it must try to meet that target because if it is idle at any stage, that time and time is money cannot be regained.

In the sale of a car, the customer can be involved as they are making the purchase decisions. They will decide if they need or want the car and then seek information. With the car service, the customer is not really involved except to deliver the car for appointment as car service is specialised and the customer will not be present when the service is being carried out.

When the customer is buying a new car, they will be fairly sure of what they are getting. Ford has a good reputation and is seen to be a reliable brand, so the customer can be confident. The service is not the same. It is harder for Sullivan to maintain consistency with the service.

Sullivan will be depending on his own mechanics to provide the quality whereas the car purchase will depend on Ford. Also, if there is a problem with the service, it will be difficult to hide this from the customer. It will be essential for Sullivan to be aware of the customers expectation so as he will not be disappointed afterwards.

I also feel that there is a feel-good factor to buying a car and the customer is often happy to be involved in the deal but with a service, it usually happens when there is a problem so the customer may not feel happy when availing of this service and needs to be made feel comfortable.

Also, as it takes time to service the car and doing without the car may inconvenience the customer, they may have a negative perception before the process starts. There is need to be aware of the difference between the car service and the customer service. The service may be good but the customer service can be bad at the same time.

Customer Behaviours A search quality is a characteristic that can be easily accessed before purchase. He can get a feel for the car by looking around the interior, the boot, see what the engine looks like and sounds like. These are qualities he can use his five senses to evaluate.

However, this is not the case for the service. He cannot have a pre-purchase experience. There is no tangibility. For this, his behaviour will change. He may seek testimonials from others and depend more on word of mouth.

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From the case, we see that there are problems with the service. Delays at processing, inconvenient scheduling, availability of parts etc. There is a risk here as the service may not be satisfactory so Sullivan must reassure the customer.

Sullivan must ensure that the mechanics are fully trained and that customers have confidence in them b An experience quality is a characteristic that can only be assessed after use.Sullivan Ford Case.

or any similar topic specifically for you. Case Solution ~ Sullivan Ford Auto World Feb. 21 The front end of the dealership employs salespeople who are tasked to transact with possible customers.

The dealership offers brand new and preowned vehicles. Introduction This case details the position of Carol Sullivan-Diaz, the year-old daughter of Walter Sullivan who died at the age of Walter had bought a Ford dealership in that eventually grew into what is now Sullivan Ford Auto World.

Services Marketing “CASE 1: Sullivan Ford Auto World (Christopher Lovelock)” Submitted by: Angelica Borres Janica Camana Submitted to: Ms. Evangeline Reyes.

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Case 1 • Sullivan Ford Auto World Carol Sullivan-Diaz, aged 28, was the eldest of Walter and Carmen Sullivan's three daughters. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in economics, she had gone on to earn an.

Sullivan Ford Auto World Case Study Ways of improvement Hire well-trained and experienced service management team Regain the trust and loyalty of clients by implementing new and innovative packages.

Free Essay: Case Background/Summary A. The Company 1. Started by Walter Sullivan in The current site of operations is located at a busy urban highway. Sullivan Ford Auto World Case Study Ways of improvement Hire well-trained and experienced service management team Regain the trust and loyalty of clients by implementing new and innovative packages. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Case Analysis of Sullivan Auto World 1. Case Analysis 2. Company Facts • • • • • Purchased a Ford dealership in Sullivan’s Auto World Sullivan’s Ford Auto World Walter “Walt” Sullivan Sales (Front-end) & Service (Back-end) Departments.

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