Uses for a paper clip

Share Tweet The ability to use everyday objects for practical uses other than what they were originally intended for is part of being a good prepper. Believe it or not, there are a lot of household items lying around can be transformed.

Uses for a paper clip

Uses for a paper clip

The possibilities are endless! More Ideas You'll Love From keeping a clean home to improving your health, rubbing alcohol can do a lot more than you might think!

Continue Reading Bend a paperclip into an egg dipper for dying eggs at Easter.

Put a paperclip at each end of a roll of wrapping paper to keep it from unraveling. Display a picture without a frame with a large binder clip. Use two paperclips to make a DIY jewelry clasp. Get the instructions from Heather at Dollar Store Crafts. More Ideas You'll Love It's not just a kids' drink anymore!

Continue Reading Use the sharp end of a paperclip to remove hair from a brush or broom. Remove a cherry pit with a paperclip. Wrap a tissue or paper towel around the end of a paperclip and use it clean small spaces.

Unclog a spray bottle, bottle of glue, aerosol spray can, salt and pepper shakers and more. Fix a broken zipper pull with a paperclip and some rubber. Get the instructions from Lollipuff.

Paperclips are great for keeping bags of chips closed as well.

You won't be able to get these critical items post-collapse.

Continue Reading Help kids practice their fine motor skills by making paperclip chains. Unfold a paperclip and use the sharp end as a letter opener.

Hold up the hem of your pants or skirt in an emergency. You could also use a paper clip to hold up the sleeves of a long sleeve shirt.

Make some cute bow bookmarks with paperclips and felt. Get the instructions from Allison at Little Lovelies. Use a paper clip to mark the end of a roll of tape. Make darling homemade cards with colored paperclips. Get the instructions from Jeromina at Paper, Plate, and Plane.

Turn a regular bra into a racerback bra with a paperclip. Get the instructions on Buzzfeed. Use a paperclip as a makeshift bobby pin. Binder clips work as well. Make some fun heart-shaped earrings with paperclips and string.

Hang decorative plates on the wall by unfolding four paperclips and holding the together with a rubber band. Unfold a paperclip and use in place of expensive florist wire in a bouquet. Make tiny hangers for doll clothes from paperclips.+ Uses for Paper Clips Paper clips are cheap.

Just a quick search online shows that you can buy a box of #1 size paper clips at Staples for $, which amounts to 3/10 of 1 penny per paper clip.

How many uses could you come up with? Less than 15? If so take a look at this list to see what you might have missed: clip papers with it; clip your nose and make your kids smile.

May 07,  · "Freelance poet Soo David Nihm wrote ' Uses for a Paperclip' (Jason Palamara) after being inspired by Sir Ken Robinson's lecture entitled Changing Education Paradigms. Feb 06,  · Please watch and like share comment for more vedios. Ways to use Paper Clips: 1.

Make a Paper Clip Necklace or Bracelet. Sure it might not be Kay Jewelers or Zales or something, but it still looks pretty cool!


Combine with a rubber band to make a paper football launcher And there you have it the different ways to use a paperclip!

I actually found more than 40 uses when I started this article, but some I found were redundant or unsafe or nonsensical or even unsanitary.

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