Vodafone telecom analysis

Jul 10, The merger will mark the end of the consolidation spree in the telecom market where many small players had to exit because of intense competition.

Vodafone telecom analysis

Marketing This study is based on Vodafone telecommunications. It gives an introduction to the company and provides background information on the business resource management. The report then clearly defines the external and internal factors business environments.

The main body of the report describes the aspects of Vodafone telecom analysis business management including microeconomics analysis and evaluation of the business management aspects. The study is attempts to analyse and evaluate two areas of resource management.

This study is relevant to the world of management users, and gives the opportunity to be involved in a report that will result in a feasible analysis for one of the largest telecommunications company in UK and the world.

The information provided in the report was collected through different sources. Experience, secondary data were used. Contents Abstract 1 Contents 2 Table of Figures 2 1.

Business Environment Analysis 5 1. Vodafone Management aspects 8 2.

Vodafone telecom analysis

Within nineteen years, the network would become the largest company n Europe and the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. By the turn of the century, almost every second I-JK citizen would have a mobile one third of them a Vodafone.

The company operate in 29 countries worldwide. The following diagrams show the growth in the company turnover, profits and customers for years see Appendix A. Diagram 1 Growth of Vodafone The company had a total market capitalisation of E86 billion, which making it the second largest company in the financial times stock exchange index, and the leventh largest company in the world based on the market capitalisation at 23 May The market is supported by a fast-growing services sector, driven by new technology, employing aroundpeople with a turnover of El 9bn.

As shown in the diagram below Vodafone has the largest overall share of retail revenues, with Vodafone Management aspects Vodafone has different aspects to investigate; each of these aspects was a factor for the company success. Analyse these aspects help Vodafone to monitor the improvement of service and to get an overall picture of the organisation.

Below human resource management and marketing will be analysed and evaluated. It became evident that there were many different systems and procedures in place for activities such as recruitment.

The Vodafone team was working hard to resource recruits each year. Establish a re-sourcing centre which operated as an internal agency to proactively manage recruitment for Central Services, Technology and Customer Management.

Vodafone telecom analysis

Create a single recruitment management platform, including an integrated candidate atabase. There was limited infrastructure to support re-sourcing activity and the HR teams relied on manual processes to deal with the large volumes of applications.

The candidate experience of the recruitment process was not always positive, due to the lengthy process. The Internet was a good source of candidates, although there was no technology platform in place to manage the online candidates through the selection process.

Vodafone next created a talent bank a database of everyone who has applied to work at Vodafone. The key benefit of the database is that it allows Vodafone Re-sourcing team to proactively discuss Job opportunities with people who have an expressed interest in working at the company.

This direct sourcing of candidate via the webcentric strategy, and the resulting cost savings, has been the biggest success for Vodafone: The human resource management established plan for two years of training for the mployees, the department obtain the workers for recruitment and selection, employee relations and employment law, policy and procedure plus a lot of project work see Appendix C.

Vodafone is offering its employees: The wireless world is transforming with a new generation of advanced mobile echnologies emerging. This technology is re-defining how people interact with the world around them and Vodafone is taking a central role in its development.Here is the SWOT analysis of Vodafone which is a brand known for its deep telecom roots across multiple countries and nations.

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Vodafone PEST Analysis. PEST analysis is a strategic tool used to analyse external factors affecting the business and stands for political, economical social and technological factors (Lancaster et al, ). The main political factors affecting Vodafone include EU Roaming Regulation that aims to.

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Idea shares slump as Vodafone merger hits delay By Chris Kelly, Total Telecom Monday 25 June 18 India's Department of Telecoms had been expected to approve the merger early this week, but that now appears to be in doubt .

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