Whats academic writing essay

The Modern Language Association MLA provides explicit, specific recommendations for the margins and spacing of academic papers. But their advice on font selection is less precise: Times New Roman in which the regular style contrasts clearly with the italic, and set it to a standard size e.

Whats academic writing essay

On the board, create a list of the names Malcolm X used, along with the period in his life that he used these names.

Malcolm X was born in as Malcolm Little. He was known as Detroit Red in the early s, took the name of Malcolm X inand finally changed his name to el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz in Ask students why a person would take a name, either legally or casually, other than his or her birth name?

Character Worksheets

What do names tell us about a person? Are Whats academic writing essay any students in the class who prefer to use a nickname in place of their birth name? Now separate the class into groups of four, assigning each group a name from a period in Malcolm X's life: Hand out copies of the Classroom Activity Sheet: Character Analysis to each member of the group.

Explain that each group will be analyzing one specific period in the life of Malcolm X—the time in which he used the name they have been assigned.

Ask each group to focus only on the chapters in the novel The Autobiography of Malcolm X that deal with that period of his life. Have group members work together to answer the questions on their activity sheet, including writing a one-to-two-paragraph summary describing what they believe defined Malcolm X's personality during this period in his life.

Students should include the following information in their summaries: What events had an impact on Malcolm during this period in his life? What else influenced his life during this time?

Did he have any religious beliefs? If so, what were they? Did he have any views on violence?

Whats academic writing essay

What were his opinions if any on the African American identity or civil rights in the United States? For example, if a group focuses on Malcolm Little, group members will need to consider how the following shaped that time in his life: If a group focuses on Detroit Red, group members will need to discuss his surroundings, addictions, lifestyle, and eventual arrest.

Students should draw conclusions in their summaries as to how these experiences influenced Malcolm's personality and life. Students can continue to work together until the end of class.

For homework, ask students to complete the Take-Home Activity Sheet by reviewing their summaries and choosing one or two words that describe Malcolm during this period in his life.

The following are examples of possible student descriptions: Students will take these one-to-two-word descriptions and find at least three quotes from the book that support their descriptions.

It was then that I began to change—inside. I drew away from white people. On the following day, reconfigure students into groups of four, making sure that each member of a group represents a different period in the life of Malcolm X. Have students share their activity sheets with their new group, including the one-to-two-word descriptions and quotes they recorded as homework.

After groups have shared their findings, have students write a short essay on their own, answering the following questions: How did each of these names symbolize different periods in his life? What did he learn from his experiences under each identity?

What might we learn from his struggles? Student essays should cite at least three quotes from the novel that represent different periods in Malcolm's life. Students can use the quotes they have found, as well as the quotes their group mates have used.The IELTS writing task 2 sample answer below has examiner comments and is band score 9.

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